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About Village

E-Village is modern hi-tech village that is created specifically for crypto society and people who would like increase level of life standards. Village located in Northern part of The Latvian capital – Riga near satellite town Garciems of Carnikava region. Only 800 meters from the Baltic Sea. Village will contain between 120 – 140 houses of high quality surrounded by nature. Development team planning well prepared inside infrastructure like kindergarten, tennis court, basketball and football pitch, crypto grocery store, hotel for seminars and facility for IT school. Also, office sharing and car sharing for residents Hi-tech electricity and security supply in the Village.


houses of high quality


land area


drive to OZO GOLF CLUB


from Riga International Airport


Target of project is to combine community, nature, digital technologies with view to increase life standards. Future residents can purchase their future houses with own cryptocurrency.

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Village will have same style and standards for buildings design. All houses will build with fachwerk traditions. Top technologies inside will help residents control its houses through telephone application. Size of houses between 160 to 200 squire meters. Only ecological materials will be used with way of fashion.

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The sheer volume of wild nature makes Latvia one of the greenest countries in the world. Ironically one may say that half of Latvia is not covered by lush forests. The country holds one of the rarest ecosystems of the world largely untouched by civilization. It is a haven for the visitor who seeks to experience a land where nature and tradition have coexisted in harmony from time immemorial.


E-Village’s own security service company will provide round-the-clock monitoring of the village. Comprehensive control of all security systems.


Stroll back to when less time was spent commuting from work, and more quality moments were spent close of nature and sea close to convinient comfort of home. The Sea Village welcomes this thought back to North Riga unleashing a modern take on luxury house living. Treating residents to variety of different type of houses. Village will contain in its premisses grocery store, restaurant, hotel, SPA and fitness, swimming pool, tennis court, football and basketball facilities. Kinder garten, office space, car sharing and more. Security will apply video, face recognition, biometrics and guards.


Landscape design, lights, walking space and other internal comforts.


Proven electricity supplier will provide stable electricity flow. However project considering own generation facilities to provide ecological-friendly energy solutions.

Heat supply

Individual underground or air heat pumps for each house will priority in heat supply generation.

Water supply

Regional municipal utility will be centralised water supplier for e-village.

Street lights

High standard of ecological lightning systems are main target for e-village.


Internal roads will be made in combination of asphalt, plastic and paving stones


Without EU resident visa

15,000 €

Reservation fee

up to

2,000,000 Dagcoins
With EU residents visa

75,000 €

Reservation fee

up to

1,750,000 Dagcoins
Program for EU Residents Permit

75,000 €


For those who not involved with crypto business, but has interest receive 5 years Residents Visa in EU for itself and members of family our project can create proper solution.